What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Hi Loves!!

This is probably one of my most requested blog posts as of late haha! It is definitely not perfect and I am probably missing stuff or packing too much, but this is what I picked after reading a ton of sites and talking to family, friends, and some L&D nurses. I can’t believe we are due so soon!! I will be leaving everything in the garage or in the basement so that if we need it, we just grab it and go!

Something I added on last minute is extra masks to have on hand and some sanitizing wipes. We will need them to at least enter the hospital and while anyone is in our room, so I figured having a few would be best. I am also overly cautious when it comes to protection against the virus so figured I would just be safe!

I will also share towards the end of the post the baskets I put together for the L&D nurses and the Postpartum Nurses.

Bags Used:

For Mom:

Couldn’t link this above so wanted to include it here – Click the image to shop

For Baby:

For Mom – After Delivery/Breastfeeding:

For Dad:

John is really easy going so I just packed 3 shorts, three t-shirts, and toiletries for him. I also packed one “nicer outfit” for when we go home, because I know I will want some nice pictures 🙂



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