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Let’s Disclose

Water & Wine contains some affiliate links. Not sure what that is?

Here is some info:

If you click on certain links on this site or on any related social media platforms such as instagram, facebook, or pinterest, I may make small a commission from that click/purchase. But to be completely transparent, I will only work with brands and companies that represent me, my style, and my brand. I will and have refused to work with affiliates that don’t fit my style or that I did not like their product. I will always be 100% honest and open with any item I share, even if I do not like it.

Also, some posts are sponsored by brands/boutiques/companies. This means that I may receive monetary compensation from the company sponsoring the post. Each sponsored blog post will include a disclosure about the sponsorship in that post (if applicable).

Some posts may include gifted items. If an item has been gifted to me, I will always disclose in the post if it was gifted and will always include a shout out to the company thanking them for the gifted item.

You lovely readers are my top priority. I will never share or work with a company that I do not believe in or does not match my style. I will always share my HONEST opinion even if I am not a fan of an item, because I truly believe honesty is the best policy.

Thank you so much for supporting Water & Wine <3

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