Faster Way to Fatloss (FWTFL) Week 1 Meal Plan Ideas

Faster Way to Fatloss (FWTFL) Week 1 Meal Plan Ideas

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Happy Thursday guys!

I finally had the chance to sit down and get my little food blog together for you guys. I have been getting so many questions about the program and what I am eating so I figured I would show you a few of my days from week 1 and give you a little background. All I can say is, FWTFL has definitely changed my life.

Day 1 & Day 2 (Monday & Tuesday) when you first start are low carb days. This means you increase your fat intake and decrease your carbs to under 50g. It sounds hard, but you will find things you like that will help you stay under this number!

Lunch, Dinner & Snack, Day 1 & 2:

For lunch I had 1 cup of Cauliflower Gnocchi from Trader Joe’s (SO GOOD), 1 Mild Sausage link form Wegmans, and 1 cup of brussel sprouts, 1 tbsp of olive oil, and a 1/2 of an avocado.

For dinner I had 3/4 cup of riced cauliflower sauteed, 2 cups of baby arugula, 1/4 cup red kidney beans, 1/4 cup black beans, 3oz tri tip steak, 1/2 of an avocado, 1 tbs red wine vinegar, and 1 tbsp olive oil for cooking & 1 tbsp of olive oil for dressing. It was delicious!

For a snack I had a homemade pancake that consisted of 1/2 scoop protein powder, 1 large egg, and topped with some peanut butter cooked in 1 tbsp coconut oil.

In order to make it easier in my first week, I decided to eat the same thing the first two days to get used to it. It actually really helped. I also ate as best I could with the macros in my prep week to prepare!

Day 3 & 4 (Wednesday and Thursday) are your regular macro days. That means whatever your carbs, fats, and proteins are in the app, you eat it all! For example my macros are: 195g carb, 52g fat, and 78g protein, & believe me it is a lot!

Lunch, Dinner & Snack, Day 3 & 4:

For lunch I had 159g of Fried Rice from Trader Joe’s (SO GOOD), 1 cup roasted brussell sprouts, 1.5 tbp of oil used for cooking, and 1 Mahi Mahi Burger from Trader Joe’s.

For dinner I went with Chicken Breast Nuggets, another trader favorite, and penne pasta with everything bagel flavoring on it. I had regular pasta without realizing we should be staying gluten free so I switched it out for gluten free pasta the next day.

For a snack, I had 1.5oz Roasted Plantain Chips and a 1/2 banana with protein powder and water shake!

Day 5 (Friday) is a low macro day. This means you eat 25% less of each macro. For lunch I had the same arugula and bean salad as day 1 & 2 and for dinner I had the same lunch as the day before just smaller portions with plantain chips as a snack again.

Day 6 (Saturday) is back to a regular macro day & Day 7 (Sunday) is back to a low macro day.

Here are two more things I made that I have some pictures of:

Honestly, thank god for the prep week. It really helped me prepare for the different days and helped me learn about the program. I am in week three and still eating most of the same stuff but found new items I am loving and will share with you soon. I have not weighed myself, but I have lost about 4.5-5 inches in all so far.

If you would like to read more about the plan, you can read more HERE.

As always, I am an open book! If you have any questions, shoot me a comment or DM!




  1. Catherine Kichler
    April 27, 2019 / 1:52 pm

    Thanks for all the info o FWTFL! Think I’m signing up. I paid for premium MFP….does it allow to change macros for regular and low days?

    • nina
      April 29, 2019 / 12:22 am

      No problem! I’ll have an updated post up by end of next week as well with some more information! You totally should! My coach Makayla is awesome so if you need one, you can sign up to be in our group! It doesn’t, but I have a note in my notepad on my phone with my low macro numbers and then with the premium, you can click the nutrients tab and see how many you have eaten and just make sure you hit the numbers you have recorded.

  2. sarah
    June 17, 2019 / 12:11 pm

    Hi. I am starting this program on June 24th, I have gone over all the training material but I am still nervous about translating the info into food on my plate. To see % of certain food groups and then making them into meals seems daunting. Is it just something that will take trial and error or are there some tricks to it.

    Thank you

    • nina
      June 20, 2019 / 1:06 am

      Hi Sarah! Don’t be nervous! The first 2 weeks and prep week are really all about learning.. learning what fits into your macros, learning what foods are good to eat on low carb days, and ones that you can enjoy the other days. It takes getting use to but once you fall into a pattern, it will be like nothing! Just make sure you hit all your macros everyday, it’s important because if not, you aren’t getting enough of something you need!

    • nina
      June 20, 2019 / 1:06 am

      Good luck!

  3. Julie
    July 19, 2019 / 4:40 pm

    I am wondering what waffles you used? Or if you made them, what recipe? Thank you

    • nina
      July 19, 2019 / 5:57 pm

      Hi Julie,

      I created them, it was just a half of scoop of my protein powder, 1 egg and I topped with some peanut butter (melted in the microwave) cooked in 1 tbsp coconut oil.

      If you are looking for good pre made ones, target sells vans gluten free waffles which are really good!

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