The White Lace Mini You Need In Your Life

Even though summer is over and they tell you not to where white after Labor Day, I tend to break the rules and still wear white. The weather is still warm, and some people live in weather that stays warm year round and white is always a good option to have!

This weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. A year ago Monday, we said I do in front of our family and friends and it all still feels like a dream. This has been the best year of my life and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us! But anyway, I wanted to dress in white for our anniversary dinner and couldn’t wait to where this little white dress again! It’s so pretty and perfect for a bridal occasion or just to where out!

Outfit detailsWhite Dress // Similar Shoes // Similar Necklace // Earrings & Necklace are from a private jewelry – similar and cheaper here & here // Similar Clutch

The heels I paired it with are Stuart Weitzman, which are an old pair that they unfortunately no longer sell. To accessorize, I wore a diamond necklace, the beautiful diamond earrings my husband gave me as a wedding gift, and a light grey/white clutch.

Would you wear this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!



Dreamy Engagement Picture Maxi Dress

Lace Two-Piece Dress // White Off-the-Shoulder Maxi // Perfect Opportunity White Maxi

With bridal season just around the corner, I wanted to share all about my experience with a long white dress for engagement pictures!These were taken over two years ago when we went to Greece, and I kept thinking about if I wanted to wear a maxi or a mini and had such a hard time choosing. I ended up choosing a maxi because I loved the romantic look they have! We actually took our engagement pictures in Santorini! We knew we were going to be there when in the summer we planned to take our engagement pictures, and thought how beautiful it would be to get them done there. Hands down the best decision ever!

I was worried about finding a photographer, but I literally just jumped on instagram months before our trip and found a photographer and reached out to him. He was amazing! He brought us to the most beautiful places and we got the most beautiful pictures.

The dress I ended up getting is actually a bridesmaids dress that Lulus sold and my sister ended up wearing the exact dress in petal pink for her maid of honor dress for my wedding. It was so romantic. They don’t have it on their site anymore but I linked similar ones and ones that I would have worn too!

Where are your engagement pictures being taken? Are you taking honeymoon pictures too?



6 Things I Wish I Would Have Done for My Wedding

I can honestly say, our wedding day was the BEST day of my life. I did not have any cold feet or anxiety, I was just purely happy and excited to marry the love of my life and to finally be his wife! But, I wish I had done a few things differently to help the day go smoother and to have less stress fall on me and my loved ones:


  1. I would hire a day of wedding planner – Some friends kept telling me that I should at least hire a day of wedding planner, but by the time I decided I wanted one, everyone was booked. Nothing major happened the day of, but it would have been great to have someone. They could have scheduled my bridesmaids better than I did with hair and makeup, which probably would have pushed us to be done with that stuff earlier than we were so we could take more pictures at my house. After my hair and makeup was done, such beautiful moments like my dad seeing me in my dress for the first time was rushed instead of the way I wanted it. It was still beautiful and there were plenty of tears, but I wanted it to be different. Also, a planner could have helped with the ceremony and details like that. Our ring bearer did not walk down the aisle with the pillow no one was there to hand it to him and our flower girls almost walked down without their beautiful baskets. Another time I could have used someone was when we were at the venue and the decor was not set up like it was supposed to be. It is hard to tell a staff that does 10+ weddings a week EXACTLY how you want things. So before our cocktail hour, we were running around switching things up a bit to the way we wanted/envisioned it.22550537_10210298811050080_4365729314858491869_o22555786_10210298832090606_7091204905080573507_o22552942_10210299572669120_1083941370081210883_o22555451_10210298839330787_2623317112657393212_o22555483_10210299564148907_8080314477776049764_o22713168_10210298869251535_4687193404904904030_o22713200_10210299604429914_4683427664602170804_o22712480_10210299605669945_3453479016243071545_o22553034_10210300937943251_1331965054497726310_o22555633_10210300935743196_8064303822000555540_o22712621_10210300942263359_6820819106447298108_o22769767_10210300931023078_1510024220299297535_o22792521_10210300947903500_1615074093682048714_o22792243_10210300942223358_9090982888875157218_o
  2. I would take more time alone with my new husband – We got plenty of time alone, but we were still in wedding mode when we were. We purposely booked our ceremony early and our reception later to have enough time in between to go somewhere and take nice pictures. We went to a nearby park and took a ton of pictures but I would have loved to just take a walk alone with my husband and enjoy the one on one time alone outside. It was truly a beautiful day with birds chirping and the park was so peaceful and beautiful. Throughout the rest of the night we didn’t get much alone time unless we were in the bridal suite, so it would have been nice!22791767_10210300507732496_3693123131222517783_o22713446_10210300500932326_6640917999567423545_o22712196_10210300935223183_8500140333229245067_o22713248_10210300971344086_6894373742950604533_o22713595_10210300550973577_4715464925333063890_o
  3. I would have given a list of pictures I wanted to someone that was not in the Bridal Party – Both of my parents have a pretty big family, and growing up I thought it was so cute that at all weddings, each side took a huge pictures all together with the bride and groom as something to commemorate over the years. I had told my photographer (who was absolutely amazing) that I wanted certain pictures to be taken, and he told me to give the list to my maid of honor. But, what photographers and a lot of brides do not realize is that, the MOH has just as much going on as the Bride and Groom. My sister was by my side for everything and making sure everything went smoothly and my brother who was a groomsmen was also attached to my hip making sure I was always good and looked perfect. Needless to say, I never got the pictures that I made a list of and the group shot that I always wanted never happened. So, if you are the same as me and have must-have pictures that you want on your wedding day, give the list to someone not in your wedding party but another guest you know will get the job done! Here were some on my list that I did get:22791598_10210299543348387_6865152071361187576_o22712172_10210300490492065_882450022431134382_o22792302_10210300521292835_3700133493003212450_o22712454_10210298862571368_8033562135314209253_o22713189_10210300514252659_3154969884141738584_o
  4. I would make sure to smile more during the ceremony or slower periods where pictures were being taken of us – Both my husband and I were so focused and in awe about our ceremony that we realized we were not smiling in any pictures or anything! We both literally looked stunned in all of our pictures during our ceremony. We got married in my Greek Orthodox Church, and I had dreamed about this day since I was a little girl. I was so focused on listening to the priest and the beautiful words he said and just truly enjoying and taking in all he said and all of the happiness I was feeling, that we both barely smiled! So ladies and gentleman, make sure you SMILE! And it is funny because all of my bridesmaids said how happy and excited we both looked during the ceremony, but the pictures do not show that! The below are all we had of me sort of smiling:22553095_10210299631910601_649779512571661735_o22553193_10210300434250659_4064752059287313848_o22712329_10210299623430389_8846337929044374848_o22770532_10210300416250209_6438445834404359389_o
  5. I would not have taken dance lessons – My husband and I took dance lessons because we thought our first dance would look better if we learned a dance. Honestly I focused so much on trying to do the dance moves, and then only doing them have the time that I did not get to enjoy the dance as much as I wanted to. I was too stressed I would mess a step up and trip us both. I would have rather enjoyed the dance carefree not caring if we looks like idiots out there than worry about remembering the dance moves and doing things right. 22550441_10210300994464664_6572007293101468570_o22555493_10210300992184607_4234058653851543195_o22712297_10210300978904275_8860773701932212958_o22713617_10210300977024228_602754686554544541_o
  6. I would have done my hair differently but the same hair style – I loved my hair, but it kept falling out. I think a huge part of that was my extensions. They were newer and I had not wore them much before the big day. I would have done either beaded or a beaded sew in instead of the clip ins if I could do it all again. I would have gotten them two weeks before the wedding so that they had wear to them and would curl nicely. That way I could have done bigger curls that stayed in nicer. My hair dresser was AMAZING though and brought to life my big hair that I wanted. I also would have done some sort of hair piece for a little more classy look. My brother hated the idea of a hair piece and convinced me not to get one, but I wish I did. 22555786_10210298832090606_7091204905080573507_o22552923_10210299564508916_8749113187122238080_o22553285_10210300412130106_108294241781377586_o22728694_10210298852691121_4070832473651813481_n22769906_10210298854091156_9049461104813112915_o

In the end, our wedding was by far the most beautiful and perfect day in my life. Thinking back, I really do not care about all that I mentioned above, and still do not. It is just a few things I would do differently if I could. Our day was so special and beautiful and just thinking about it gives me the chills. I got to marry my best friend and love of my life, and in the end, that is all that matters to me.

What would you do differently if you could do your big day all over again? Or, have you thought of any of these things for your upcoming day?



The Little White Dress You’ve Been Missing Out On


Outfit Details (click images for direct links):

r1.JPG  ca1.JPG

Similar items:

b1.JPG  v1.JPG dr1.JPG  dr2.JPG

My gorgeous husband is making his debut on the blog today!

I wanted to talk about this white dress because I love it. I purchased it for wedding-type activities and had decided to save it for our honeymoon, and I am really glad I did. This dress is insanely gorgeous and so comfortable. I knew I wanted to take pictures while we were on our honeymoon in Bali, so I made sure to pack some white items for the occasion.

The fit of this dress was TTS. I am wearing a size medium here and it was actually a little loose on the sides. I knew I would be eating a lot so I didn’t mind the looseness. The off-the-shoulder aspect of the dress just adds to it’s beauty along with the lace detail. I have linked the details in the images and have also linked similar dresses above.

These photos were taken in Uluwatu, Bali which was insanely beautiful, and by far our favorite place in Bali. We stayed at the Anantara Uluwatu Resort in an ocean front suite. The resort/hotel itself are on the cliff side over looking the ocean. All of the restaurants at the hotel had views of the ocean like pictured above. Bali was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!


Are you getting married soon? If so when is your date?


Little White Dresses

Dresses for Engagement photo,Engagement Parties, bridal Shower & Rehearsal Dinner

  1. Lace Bodycon Dress // 2. One Wish Midi // 3. Wishful Wanderings // 4. White Lace Backless Dress // 5. Straight Across Lace BodyCon // 6. Conrad Dress // 7. White Strappy Lace Maxi // 8. One More Night Lace Mini Dress


Wedding season is upon us! I remember when I got married in September and all of the events for our wedding were coming up, I had the hardest time finding white dresses I loved. So, if you are getting married or even just need a white dress, look no further. I have linked my favorites in this post, but if you look on their websites they have other gorgeous white dresses too. I always find the most on Lulus!

I actually wore some of these dresses for my rehearsal dinner & honeymoon! See below so you can see how they look on. I apologize for the dark picture, it was taken in my church with a phone camera. But I loved both dresses and would refer them to anyone!

Let me know if you have any questions about the sizing or fit at any of the stores! What are your favorite white dresses?




Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Hi Babes! With wedding season coming up, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my favorite bridesmaids gift ideas – all items are linked by their pictures. There are so many cute things out there through amazon, etsy, and other sites! I got my maids the robes pictured below with their names embroidered on the front, a waffle cosmetic bag with their names embroidered on it, and earrings. They loved them!!

Image may contain: 13 people, including Kay Tee, people smiling, people sitting and indoor


Image result for monogrammed button down bridesmaids shirt

Monogrammed Cosmetic Case


Monogrammed Clear Cosmetic Bag View Post

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