First Trimester: Pregnancy Must Haves

Hi Loves!

I have been getting a bunch of questions on my pregnancy must haves thus far, so figured I would put it all in one place! The first trimester, you start to go through a lot of changes and it is good to have some things on hand. If you are thinking of having kids in the future, TTC, or currently pregnant, this post is for you!

1 | Pregnancy Pillow

Okay, so I thought it would be dumb to get this in the first trimester, but as your body begins to change, sleeping gets extremely uncomfortable. I literally couldn’t sleep during the second month because I couldn’t get comfortable. I cuddle with this thing and it helps with having to sleep on my sides. I was a chronic back sleeper so it was hard getting used to sleeping on my side, but this helped for sure.

2 | Belly Butter

I have been using this belly butter since I found out I was pregnant. It is such a hydrating lotion and works so well. I think it has helped prevent stretch marks thus far and I highly recommend it. I also use it on the top of my breasts and it has helped there too!

3 | Hand Cream – Very Dry Skin

I have had the WORST dry skin. Not only on my legs and arms but my hands! Usually people are commenting that my hands are the softest hands, but pregnancy hit and that was no longer the case! My hands were so dry they were sticking to things and cracking and bleeding. This has helped my hands so much, I use it 3 times a day- morning, noon and night. It is so good that after a month my hands went back to normal.

4 | Comfortable Leggings

Comfortable leggings are 10000% a must. Your stomach is starting to grow and you tighter pants will no loner be comfortable. I got a bunch of these from amazon before pregnancy and they have been stretching along with me and are so good!

5 | Pregnancy Journal & Memory Book

Everything happens so fast and goes so fast so having a place to write it all own will not only help with future pregnancies but also its a memory booklet. I have this one and am loving it. I documented things and also put my ultrasound pictures in it.

6 | Water Jug

This may sound stupid but this has been the only thing to keep me on track with drinking water. It is sooooo important to stay hydrated and I make sure to drink two or three of these a day! It is 50oz and keeps my water cold legit all day.

7 | Belly Band

Another must have? This belly band. I got it in a medium (6-10) so when my stomach grew larger I could still wear it. It was a little big in the beginning but we are getting there! So easy to use to wear over my unbuttoned jeans so I do not have to get maternity wear yet!

Hope this helps you navigate through your first trimester. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just enjoy it all!



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