Travel Guide: Athens, Greece

Every year my family & I usually go on a trip all together, and I always look forward to it. It makes me feel like I am a kid again. We usually go to Aruba since we have timeshare, but we went to Greece this time around (second time!). We were so excited to go to Greece again and believe me, we all had count downs going on! Anyway, my brother and I did a ton of research to figure out what islands we wanted to go to and where to stay. When we went in 2016, we visited Athens, Naxos (our fave!), and Santorini. We actually got our engagement pictures done in Santorini, and it was so worth it! But, we always start off our trip in Athens.

Anyway, Athens is not only the capital of Greece, but also the place with the most Ancient History. You fly into Athens, and it has so much history. I love seeing the history and the ruins because it is part of me and who I am. I personally wouldn’t suggest staying in Athens too long. It should be more of a hub to stay a night and then travel to the islands. My family and I stayed there for a few days because we had a wedding, but you don’t want to stay more than one or two nights since there is so much more to see. But, I am going to share some fun places to see, places to eat, and where we stayed.

Another thing you can do is take day trips to areas outside of Athens. I will touch up Lake Vouliameni in Places to see below. We went there for the wedding and I highly recommend checking it out. It was gorgeous!

I am going to do a round up of my outfits first and then will share the rest 🙂

Bodysuit || Shorts || Sneakers || Bag

Dress || Shoes

Shorts || Similar Shorts || Top || Similar Sandals 1 || Similar Shoes 2

  • Visit the Acropolis – Make sure to bring your walking shoes, because it’s a hike but so worth it. This was honestly the highlight of my time in Athens (other than watching the changing of the guards). You have to do some walking to get there, but once you do, seeing the history and the beauty it still has is well worth it. Make sure to bring your phone or camera because the views on the top are stunning.
  • Go to the Plaka – If you are looking for a village feel, this is the spot to be. I love the Plaka because it makes me feel like I am living through history of where my grandparents grew up. They grew up on islands, but the village feel is the same. When I am in Greece I miss then 10x more, and it makes me feel at peace and at home. The Plaka has the cutest shops and is the perfect place to get some souvenirs. I found some of the cutest souvenirs and bracelets to bring home! I also love their Grecian dresses and clothing.
  • Visit Lake Vouliagmeni – Take a day trip or a night stay trip to Lake Vouliagmeni. It is seriously STUNNING, and a perfect little getaway out of the craziness of Athens. It is about 35-40 minutes outside of Athens and you can either rent a car and drive there or take a cab.
  • Visit the Hellenic Parliament – Outside of the parliament is where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is, and they have The Greek Presidential Guards there 24/7, the Evzones. They are in their traditional Greek Uniforms, and you can see their traditional ceremony for changing of the guards. You can also take pictures with them, but they will not smile and you cannot touch them. It really is impressive and nice to see. It was originally a palace but is now the house of parliament.

Honestly I purposely didn’t take notes or pictures of anything because everywhere in the Plaka or Monostaraki has excellent restaurants and food. Mine main favorites in Greece are Moussaka, Grilled Octopus, Gyro, Souvlaki and so much more.

ACROPOLIS GEM: This AirBNB was seriously so nice. We usually stay at hotels while we are here, but opted for an airbnb since there were so many of us. This comfortably fit 7 of us, with 4 beds and 2 baths. The place was literally immaculate and so nice. Everything was so clean and we enjoyed the view from the balcony. It had a gorgeous view of the Acropolis from the the dining area, the balcony, and one of the bed rooms. It also was within walking distance to Plaka and Monostaraki.

ATHENS MANSION LUXURY SUITES: Ok this place was seriously gorgeous and we will be back here for sure. This is in a part of Athens that they are trying to rebuild with a stunning view of the Acropolis. Right now there are a ton of abandoned buildings in Athens that have Graffitti all over it and this was one of them until they fixed it up. They hope to do the same with all the surrounding buildings and re-build them like they use to be. Anyway, it is stunning and I highly recommend it. They have good & Free breakfast on the rooftop in the morning, and good food throughout the day for purchase with a full bar. So gorgeous!

Weight Watcher FreeStyle Meal Plan

Hi loves!

I figured I would share an example of my meal plan with you guys since so many people have been asking how I like Weight Watchers. This post is NOT sponsored in anyway. I just needed a change and found it in Weight Watchers where I can truly eat and drink what I want and still legit lose weight.

I will try to do these weekly, but for now wanted to share a few days worth of my meal plan to give you guys an idea. I try to plan a 1/2 of a week or the whole week as best I can without using any of my weeklies and then can change things around as needed.

To start, you can sign up and type in your current weight and your goal weight. Based off that information, they will give you daily freestyle points and weekly points that can be used at any time of the week. My weigh in days are on Tuesdays, so my weeklies reset at that time. I get 23 daily points and 35 weekly points, and believe me I don’t always use them. If I have something planned for the weekend then I usually use all my weeklies, but I don’t always use all of my daily points. The FreeStyle plan has so many zero point options that you can get full from that sometimes I don’t eat anywhere close to my 23 daily points.

Some ZERO POINT options are:

Veggies – Zuchinni, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, Squash, Butternut Squash, Spinach, Arugula, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, etc

Meats/Poultry – Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast (99% Lean), Lump Crab Meat, Shrimp, Mahi Mahi, Salmon, etc.

Fruits – Bananas, Apples, Watermelon, Pineapple, Berries, Cherries, etc.

Others – Eggs/Egg Whites, Beans, Chickpeas, Coffee (Black), Dates, Lentils, Pumpkin Puree, etc.

Monday’s Meal Plan:


This is like one of my all time favorites breakfasts, and it is only 5 points in all. && all while enjoying my coffee with some creamer. All this goodness was 5 pts.


(WW Half Wrap)

The meal details shows what my WW Half Wrap is made up of. This isn’t a Weight Watcher recipe it’s just a favorite that I made and saved quick add ins since I prepped a few for the week. I am having it with a small caesar salad on the side and if I am still hungry I will have some butternut squash spirals (0 pts) in the airfryer made like french fries, as a snack. I always find 0 pt foods to have on hand if something isn’t filling enough. This whole meal was 5 pts.


I was really craving pasta, so I knew I had to have it for dinner. I used Banza pasta which is made out of chickpeas. It’s less points and better for you so it’s a win in my book. I topped it with some airfried chicken cutlets (1 pt due to the amount of bread crumbs I used), some fat free mozzarella, some zucchini that I made in the oven, and Trader Joe’s Harvest Pasta Sauce which is actually really good. I had some spinach left so I sautéed some up using Trader Joe’s oil spray (0 pts) and some garlic. Made for the perfect dinner for a total of 8 pts!


I also had some chocolate graham crackers as a snack. They are delicious and just something sweet to have in your diet. My snacks for the day depend on what I am in the mood for. Snacks totaled for 4 pts.

Total points for the day were 22! Since I did not use the full 23, the 1 point rolls into my weeklies to be used for the week. You can roll up to 4 daily points into your weeklies.

Tuesday’s Meal Plan:


This oatmeal is AMAZING. If you are a pumpkin lover like me, then you need this in your life while it is still available. This flavor is limited edition, so it will only be available for short time. When I first opened the pack I thought it was such a small amount, but it is very filling. You could also make this into an overnight oats meal and mix it with almond milk and some fruit. It would be so good! I also made myself a large coffee to go before my meeting so I basically had like 2 cups of coffee in one and needed some more sweetener. Due to my excessive sweetener, breakfast was a total of 5 pts.


I have literally been DREAMING about this since I saw a picture of someone’s sandwich on instagram. I know, so weird, who dreams of an egg salad sandwich?! I used to have it all the time growing up, and it brings back so many memories of sitting around the table eating it with my parents. We are so close and I go home like twice a week or more to spend time with them but its not the same as living with them. Funny story, John and I lived with them for over a year while we planned our wedding and looked for a house. I cherish that time so much and miss living with them! Anyway, I added in some turkey bacon and it was perfect. Lunch was a total of 6 pts and was very filling.


I was hoping to find the lightly breaded popcorn chicken which is 3oz for 3 pts but no such luck. Anyway, I threw together this meal in no time and it was delicious. Dinner was a total of 5 pts.


No major change, I like my snacks 🙂 4 pts for my snacks today!

I figured I would just share a few options and to show you I still eat real things. I will do more posts like this but wanted to share a quick idea with you guys so if you are looking to start, you have an idea of what to eat.



Amazon Try on Haul – Fall 2019

As you all know Amazon is my one stop shop for EVERYTHING lol. I get home decor, furniture, work stuff, clothing, shoes, swimsuits and so much more from them. The quality is usually great 95% of the time, but the key is to read reviews and know what you are buying. I also wouldn’t buy anything with a low rating.

You can also head over to my stories or Amazon highlight to watch me talk about all of these items, if you want to hear what I have to say haha BUT anyway, here we go.

Hat || Cardigan || Jeans || Top || Flats || Booties || Adhesive Bra

This will probably be one of my go to fall looks. It is so easy to dress it up or down with flats or booties and just so simple and cute. I am wearing a 4 in the tank, 6 in the jeans (levis run small for me I always size up), small in the cardigan, 9 in the flats, and 9 in the booties but ordered a 9.5 as they are a tiny bit snug.

Top || Cardigan || Jeans || Booties || Similar Booties

I am wearing this cardigan in a small but it is definitely oversized. Haven’t decided if I am a huge fan of this one yet only because I have one so similar but still haven’t decided. Wearing a 9.5 in my booties and a small in the top. I honestly just paired this quickly, but you can do so many things with it. Wear it with a dress or skirt, so many options.


I am NOT a fan of crew neck tighter tees, so this is not up my alley, but if you are, these shirts were seriously so comfortable and would be super cute for laying pieces in the fall. You get a pack of 2 and this one came with a white and black stripes shirt. I am wearing medium but it was way to big on my body but fine for my arms. I like the loose tees better for layering. They are currently unavailable but come back in stock often.


Ok I thought I was getting like a chiffon material here but its cotton. Still super cute but I am looking for more of the chiffon one. I am wearing a small and otherwise really like it. I might still keep it, not sure yet haha

Skirt || Tee || Jacket || Booties

This will be another fall favorite outfit without a doubt. I just love graphic tees tied up and think its super cute with jeans. I love it paired with the leather too! Wearing a small in the skirt, medium in tee, medium in jacket (size up for layering), and 9.5 in shoes.


I am loving this dress color for the fall and the dress itself is super cute so it is a win win! I would totally wear it for Thanksgiving too! Wearing a medium.


THIS THIS THIS. Obsessed. It is a bit see through so make sure you wear nude or white undies, but its amazing. IF their are any brides getting married in the fall or winter and need a cute dress this is it!. The sleeves are also super stretchy. Wearing a small.

Romper || Similar Boots 1 2 3 4

This outfit is everything. I love green olive colors with beiges and browns. These boots are old Stuart Weitzmans but I linked some similar ones. The romper is a size medium.

Jacket || Dress

So I looked and this dress is a small but its very big. Nothing a belt can’t fix because it is super cute. Also the jacket doesn’t match, I know, but I was looking for a grey Faux Leather Coat and found this color and am loving it.

More will be coming soon! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Hi Babes,

I will be posting my outfits that I post on my feed on here. My connection isn’t great, so I am unable to add anything to the LTK app like I usually do. Once I have better connection I will add them and things will be added in my travel posts instead of on here. <3

Dress || Shoes

Skirt 1 || Skirt 2 || Skirt 3 || Similar Shoes || Top || Shirt || Similar Shorts

Bikini Top || Bikini Bottom || Cover-up || Belt Bag || Sandals

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dupes

Hi Babes. The few Nordi Dupes that I shared this past weekend have been a major hit, and I have been getting requests for more. The nordi sale opens to the public on Friday, but most things are sold out, so here are some dupes that would be perfect for the fall! There are a lot of animal print & fall tone items in this post haha

** I will continue to update as the sale goes on **

Left Booties Right Booties

I ordered these dupes as soon as I saw them and will share more about them when they come in. The price just automatically pulled me in, and I get a bunch of things from windsor and know the quality is great.

Left Sweater Right Sweater

Although not identical colors, this is a perfect dupe for a long comfy cardigan.

Left Mule Right Mule

I actually prefer this dupe over the original. I think the shape of the mule is so much better. These are currently in my cart!

Left Sweater Right Sweater

I am all about comfy sweaters for fall but can’t justify spending a ton of money on them when you need so many. I will be ordering a bunch of these amazon ones asap!

Left Coat Right Coat

Ok guys I have this jacket and love it. I will share a picture below, but it is definitely a must for the fall and winter.

Left Jeans Right Jeans

Just ordered these target jeans. I have been loving the look of the capri wider legs, but do not want to spend a fortune. So excited to see how these fit.

Left Pajama Set Right Pajama Set

I know that these pajamas have been popular during the sale and I can’t wait to get my amazon pair in!

Left Bootie Right Bootie

Leather booties are a must have for the fall and winter and these are a good/affordable dupe.

Left Flats Right Flats

Ordered these flats and can’t wait to get them in. Express has such great quality items so I know they will be just as good.

Left Skirt Right Skirt

I ordered this skirt as soon as I found it because I was eyeing the one for the nordstrom sale and was so sad it sold out so fast. I will share more about the dupe when I get it, but it has good reviews!

Left Leggings Right Leggings

I have the spanx leggings that are part of the nordstrom sale (right), and love them. I just hate the price tag, even on sale. I would rather find a pair I like for cheaper and have a few. This pair has great reviews and I can’t wait until they come in. — UPDATE — They came in and I am in love. They are the same as spanx and a 1/4 of the price. You NEED them.

Left Sweater Right Sweater

I love the scooped bottom of the cardigan. Loving the price difference between them especially since they look identical.

Left Cami Right Cami

Ok I know the price difference may not be major here, but the sell out risk for this cami is so high, I couldn’t chance waiting until the 19th!

Left Sweater Right Sweater

I own this sweater on the left and love it. I have seen the nordstrom one and they are so similar.

Left Pants Right Pants

Got these pants in from Walmart yesterday and WOW am I obsessed. Can’t wait to wear them this fall.

Left Sweater Right Sweater

Love both but would much rather pay the cheaper price 🙂

Left Skirt Right Skirt

I love suede skirts for the fall and winter, especially brown, and find both of these to be super cute.

Left Dress Right Dress

I have this dress in another color (shown below) and love it. I have worn it to weddings and cocktail parties and it is always a big hit!

Left Cardigan Right Cardigan

There is always room in your closet for a longline cardigan!

Left Sweater Right Sweater

I have been wanting one of these from the last sale but can’t imagine spending $50 n it. But glad I found a cheaper version 🙂

Left Henley Top Right Henley Top

Henley tops are perfect for that transition into fall from summer. It is a lightweight top and looks so cute with shorts.

Left Jacket Right Jacket

I am a sucker for faux leather jackets but this on is just so cute. I actually prefer the look of the cheaper one. For a limited time it is actually on sale for $34 using “July15” at checkout.

Left Wrap Right Wrap

I am 100% ordering this! I love the two toned better than the one toned wrap and just think its perfect for the fall. I would pair this with a long sleeve white top (probably turtleneck), and leather pants.

2019 Prime Day

I will continue to add to this post and share more but wanted to get something up asap for you guys 🙂

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