Overnight Oats & Fitness Update

This post will be a little fitness update as well as one of my go-to breakfast meals, Overnight Oats. I am currently doing 80 Day Obsession (beachbody program) and it is all about timed nutrition and fueling your body at the right times. As a part of the program they say you should be eating a hearty meal 1 hour prior to working out. I workout everyday at 6am due to my work schedule which means I have to eat at 5am. I obviously do not want to get up and cook something so I have been doing overnight oats and loving it.


4 oz Almond Milk

1/2 frozen banana

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 cup old fashioned oats

1 tsp cinnamon

1 scoop Protein Powder

I make a smaller portion for myself since I am eating so early so you can obviously increase the ingredients based on how you want it. I usually also put almond butter in there but didn’t want to today. I put all the ingredients in and mix them together. I use a frozen banana because I found that when it thaws out overnight, it gives the oats a really good taste. The banana will obviously turn brown by the morning time, but it gives it a really sweet flavor. I sometimes do blueberries and strawberries or other fruit, it just depends what kind of mood I am in. If I am not using any fruit I usually put about a tsp of honey to make it a little sweeter.

I then mix everything together and just put it in the fridge until the next morning. I mix it all together again before I eat it, and it tastes amazing. I use the cinnamon in the morning to top it off. See below for the next day:


Fitness Update:

So, as I mentioned above, I am doing the 80 Day Obsession by Beach Body. I am on day 11 and loving it! I started doing BBG for the 3 weeks between The Max Challenge and 80 Day Obsession and I didn’t feel challenged enough, and I also wanted something with a set meal plan to follow. There were food ideas but no meal plan and I found myself starting to stray, eat unhealthy, and start to gain a little weight back. I am the type of person who needs consistency and a good plan to follow. Nothing against BBG at all. Once I get to the weight I want to be I will do BBG for maintenance and to maybe gain more muscle.

80 Day Obsession is similar to 21 Day Fix with measuring your food in the given containers and following a set meal plan, except it is much longer. I contemplated doing the 21 Day Fix since I only have about a month until Miami and I want to get more toned, but decided to do a longer program to keep myself accountable.

I am absolutely loving it so far. I find the workouts extremely challenging but in a good way. I look forward to that 6am workout and truly give it my all. I can’t wait to see what the remaining 69 days are like. For me even though I will be going away for a Bachelorette Party, to Miami, and will be in a wedding during the 80 days, I was excited to know that this would end right around the time I go to Aruba and gave me a reason to keep pushing play! I will keep you all updated as it progresses and give updates through the multiple phases of the program. I have not stayed 100% strict. I would say about 95%, but that is what I need in order to stay on a program and be happy!
What keeps you motivated? What workout program are you currently doing? Let me know in the comments below.

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Spring Athletic Wear

Best Spring Fitness Clothing


Item Details (click images for direct links):

   img_4583.jpg  2 bra1 bra2  crop fl gym j1 key s1 s2


Floral patterns and pastels are my favorite colors for spring time. Not only do I tend to focus on those colors for my everyday clothing, but I also do with my active wear. I love the way the colors and prints look when the weather gets warm! I always tend to also go for army green. It matches with most colors and patterns and looks good on!

I just ordered myself the White floral set and the pink cropped workout top. I think they are adorable and needed them in my closet.


What is a must have active wear piece for your closet?


The MAX 10 Week Challenge Results


I have already done an entire blog post dedicated to my fitness routine which in depth describes the MAX challenge hereBut as promised, my 10 week challenge has come to an end and I have been so excited to share my results! I am so INCREDIBLY happy with my results, my changes in health, and my overall wellness. My eating habits have also completely changed and I actually look forward to eating healthy and do not see it as a chore anymore!

I would say I stuck to the diet about 90% of the time throughout the challenge. I had the flu week 6 & during week 9 I had one of my best friends bridal shower and knew I wouldn’t be able to stay good, and then in week 10 I had pizza and wine the night we closed on our first home. I didn’t let it get me down, I just worked that much harder the next day!

Before you get to my picture, I want to mention that the mental change in myself FAR out ways the physical changes. My mental health has greatly improved in the past 10 weeks- something I never thought could happen. I realized that by putting time and effort into myself and into making me feel better, improved so much within me. I was starting to have courage and confidence again! I wasn’t wearing baggy clothes as much and was actually starting to get more dresses up again like I used to. It’s crazy how much we let weight and low self esteem effect us. I know now to never let that happen again. No matter what, I have learned to love me for me and I am so excited to be at that point!

A bit about my before and after pictures. In my before picture I was smiling but not happy. It was right after the holidays, and like always I over indulged and hated how I looked. I had tried so many fad diets and diets to lose weight after gaining ~50 pounds from taking the medication Lexapro. Taking that medication ruined my metabolism and made me gain so much weight. I was just trying to find some quick fixes to make myself feel better not realizing that that wouldn’t do anything. I am kicking myself in the butt for not wearing just a sports bra so you can truly see what my stomach looked like in January! It was constantly bloated and was chubby. My arms had no muscle to them, I hated the skin under my underarms that stick out, and my legs were not toned. My face even looks so round in that before picture.


Although I hate this after picture because like an idiot I put my hands on my hips instead of down at my side and my fingers are pushing my skin out so it looks like I have a gut, I am so incredibly proud of myself! As soon as I got home from my last MAX class I took another picture so that you can actually see the changes in my body without my fingers pushing some skin out. I would also like to mention that the pants I am wearing in my after picture did not fit me until this challenge. They were always tight and made my love handles stick out, but now I have to keep pulling them up to just keep them up!

Here is a real after picture:


Sorry for the mirror selfie, but this was after I had worked out. I wanted to come home and get a better picture of what my stomach actually looked like and not what the picture above showed because that did not show all of my changes! My stomach has become so much more toned and defined! It doesn’t feel bloated unless I have a cheat meal which is expected! I have over indulged since my last day of the challenge (Friday), but as of today I am back on to being strict with a cheat meal on the weekends!

In total I lost 5 pounds – which to me is insane!! How does this change only warrant a 5 pound difference. But, I lost mostly in inches. I lost about 4 inches in my waist, 3.5 inches in my hips, 1.5-2 inches in my bust, 3-3.5 inches in each thigh, and 2.5 inches in each arm. That is a total of ~15 inches lost in all!!! How crazy is that?!

My journey will not stop here. I have started Kayla’s BBG program and cannot wait to see my results! I will update everyone around the week 4 mark to show a progress pictures! I cannot wait to see all of the changes that come with this program and I will also continue to do Jen Selter’s Lower Body Program as well.


Have you started any new fitness regime? What works for you? What diets have you tried that work the best for you?


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