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Floral patterns and pastels are my favorite colors for spring time. Not only do I tend to focus on those colors for my everyday clothing, but I also do with my active wear. I love the way the colors and prints look when the weather gets warm! I always tend to also go for army green. It matches with most colors and patterns and looks good on!

I just ordered myself the White floral set and the pink cropped workout top. I think they are adorable and needed them in my closet.


What is a must have active wear piece for your closet?


My Current Fitness Regime

Current Fitness Regime – The MAX Challenge 10 Week Program / Jen Selter’s at Home Guide

** I apologize in advance, this is a long post **

I wanted to talk about my current fitness regime! I will do a separate post in the next week or so about my fitness journey, how I came to love fitness, and how I came to love overall health so much- so check back later for that. I’ll start with the MAX Challenge, then Jen Selter’s Plan and then what I plan to do next, BBG.

The MAX Challenge


I am currently doing The MAX Challenge, and LOVE it. I truly can’t recommend it enough and it has done so much for me. Not only has it improved my overall health, but the confidence it has given me is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The confidence to go to the gym and not feel like I do not know what I am doing. The confidence to be myself, which is something I didn’t feel like I could do at a regular gym.

My friends did the MAX challenge in September of 2017 for the 10 weeks and saw amazing results. After trying everything under the sun, I decided I would try it too. I figured why not, what could I have to lose? Through facebook, I entered a contest to win a free 5 week challenge at the MAX. After a week of not hearing from them, I assumed they picked someone else and wanted to commit to something before the New Year, so I ended up singing up for the 10 week challenge that started January 8, 2018 on Thanksgiving Day! Literally the next day I got the call that I won the free 5 week challenge, called the SPRINT, so I was excited that I got to really do the MAX for a total of 15 weeks.


The SPRINT is basically just the first 5 weeks of the 10 week challenge program. They provided me with literature and documents that included the meal plan, options for eating, how to calculate everything I was eating (based on containers and tbs/tsp), and any other information I may need. They also gave us a MAX sweat towel which I thought was really cute, a coupon for a discount on their protein powder, and some other information about the challenge and the MAX.

For the first 5 weeks, I didn’t really follow the meal plan, although I really wish I did. I kind of just ate whatever I wanted while trying to eat clean but also indulging in things that I loved here and there. To me this was just a start, a way to get back into eating healthy slowly and a way to become healthier prior to my 10 week challenge and the New Year.  I love the workouts and felt extremely challenged everyday that I went. I only missed 2 classes throughout the entire 5 weeks which I was extremely proud of myself.

I wish I gave it my all though, and really pushed myself with my nutrition. In my head, I always have the thought, “I will start Monday.” This time it was “I will start January 8.” In the before and after pictures below, I don’t believe you can see much of a change based on the pictures. I should have taken the before and after in a sports bra so you could really see. I lost 2 pounds over all, but my clothes were fitting looser than ever and I was loving the workouts and how I was feeling. I noticed that my face thinned out a bit, my arms look toned, and my legs and waist look a bit thinner. This is not where I wanted to be, but I am so happy that I have not given up!


I have horrible anxiety, and going to the MAX everyday really helped me gain some mental clarity, get out of my head, and out of my funk. I could see the old me coming through little by little. I was feeling better, looking better, and just overall happy for what was to come in the 10 week challenge.  Read on below for the 10 Week Challenge!


As of this week, I am currently in my 8th week of the 10 week challenge. In the first 6 weeks I didn’t see many changes on the scale. My weight would fluctuate weekly – I would be down 5 pounds then back up. This was definitely because of water weight and muscle gain. I didn’t let it bother me and just kept pushing! This challenge, I followed the nutrition to a T other than week 6. I got the flu during week 6, couldn’t attend the gym and couldn’t really carb and fat cycle, so I allowed my body to eat what it felt was necessary during that time. I did end up eating badly that week, but I didn’t let it get me down or give up going forward.

See below for the background and overall program – I will update this post or post another based on the end of the program! The cost is somewhat pricey but from all the different workouts and fad diets I have tried, I must say that it is well worth the money. I purchased this for $299 when they were running a special but the cost is $399.

Setup: Usually before the 10 week challenge starts, they will have a day set up and sent out to all the peoples signed up

Workouts: The MAX challenge is a Monday-Friday set up with various class times. This is an IN-PERSON fitness regime, not something that is done at home or at your personal gym. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are cardio days. They have circuits set up that are extremely hard, but such a good workout.. Friday is Cardio kickboxing at the location I attend. Tuesday is all about the arms, ARM day! My favorite day. I am most self-conscious about my arms so I really put my all into arm day. Thursday is leg day, I put the extra effort in on leg day too because let’s be honest, we all want that peach! For all workouts and movements, they have an alternative, so that all members feel comfortable with the workout and feel like they can do it! I truly never feel like the workouts are easy, which is a good thing. If they were too easy, then it would be that they were not challenging and were not pushing me.

Nutrition: The meal plan is extremely easy to follow. There are four stages to the meal plan over the 10 weeks – the first stage is the CONCEIVE stage (weeks 1-3), BELIEVE stage (Weeks 4-5), ACHEIVE stage (Weeks 6-8), and INSPIRE stage (Weeks 9-10). During these stages, there is carb and fat cycling, adding and removing of certain food portions, and TREAT meals (other than the last two weeks)!! Treat meals can consist of anything you want – appetizer, meal, and dessert as long as you do not over eat or eat to the point you will burst. They also suggest cutting out alcohol, but I did not and will only for the last two weeks since there is no treat meals during that time. I included alcohol as a treat and if I were consuming alcohol, I would have that and a treat meal (main course) and call that my complete treat meal!

Motivation: The group of people I have encountered and met during my time at the MAX have been amazing! They are all there to do the same as you, whether it be to lose weight, tone up, or just become healthier, so the empowerment and cheering on really motivates you! I have made some friends along the way with not only classmates but instructors! They suggest that you chose one class time and go to that one so that you become close with everyone and really motivate each other through the program, but with my crazy work schedules and unforeseen long hours, I could never go to one class time so I bounced between the 6:00AM, 6:30PM, and 7:30PM and on days I was traveling or was working 14 hours and missed all class times, I did the workouts from home. Each location has a secret facebook page group, and the manager or owner will post travel workouts. They are just as difficult as the in-person classes!

My experience thus far has been amazing. I have gained so much confidence in not only the way I look, but also how I feel. If there is a MAX challenge near you, and you can afford it, I definitely suggest trying it out or seeing if there is a sample class you can potentially attend!

Jen Selter FitPlan


While doing the MAX Challenge, I also do Jen Selter’s at home workout plan through the FitPlan app. Because of where I am in my fitness level, (I have always worked out) I wanted to challenge myself even more and do the plan while I did the MAX Challenge. I absolutely love her plans. The only items I needed to purchase were bands for the at home plan were Resistance Bands ( currently sold out but try these Resistance Band Set ) and Loop Exercise Bands. Jen is such an amazing person both inside and out. She is there to answer questions and motivate you throughout your process.  Once you sign up for the fitplan, you are automatically invited into a private group on facebook. The women in this group are all truly so amazing. They are from all over the world and I truly find motivation through them. All of them have had such great success with all of Jen’s Plans! If you are interested in seeing more about people’s transformations through her plan, try searching “#seltering” or #fitplan” or “fitplanfam” on Instagram. Girls all over the world are posting their results! I also love that Jen is so hands on with all of us. She takes the time to comment on people’s transformations and give advice when people ask for it! You can read more about her plans HERE.

My Next Steps


After the 10 Week challenge at the MAX is complete, you can join legacy. The price drops to $99/month to attend the classes. Unfortunately, as much as I want to, I will not be joining legacy.  A huge part of it is because my husband and I are closing on our first home and I will be about 25 minutes from the MAX location I currently attend which is where I would want to continue. I think if I were to find one closer I would join legacy in a few months. But, I also feel like I have done so well with the program and want to challenge myself with other things like BBG. I have ALWAYS started and stopped BBG because I couldn’t get through the workouts and was feeling defeated. Now after going through the MAX, I feel like I can take on anything! So, I will be doing BBG and starting on March 19th. I am so excited and cannot wait to see what my results will be. I will blog about my journey with BBG as well!  I will also continue to do Jen’s programs and do both together.  Check back for fitness related posts soon and my journey with BBG.

Please let me know if you have any question about the programs at all, I would be happy to help or answer anything! What workouts are you currently doing? Are you trying or doing any of the mentioned ones?

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